about the photog.

short biography on Katrise Clark of CJHeartStudios.

At the age of 17, I fell in love with photography. Besides basketball and graphic design, photography became my true love. Like graphic design, photography came natural to me. Eventually, I began receiving compliments on the photos I did not take seriously that other people did. About two and a half years later, I began to take photography more seriously but my fast-paced military career was holding me back. I eventually was stationed in Fort Drum, New York and began my photography journey. Since I was modeling, I fell in love with the genres: editorial, fashion and commercial photography. During that time, I finally bought a digital SLR camera and couldn’t stop shooting!

After July 2012, I went on hiatus due to lack of time to travel, shoot and two major foot surgeries. I couldn’t walk and had to teach myself how to walk again. After I got back on my feet (literally) I gained confidence in myself to do what I know my purpose is in life. Now, in my post years of my military career, I have decided to come back off my hiatus and begin shooting again. I took that break to gather all my visions, concepts and ideas to shoot when I pick back up my camera. I am just proud that where I was born helped me find my purpose in life, but not as a hobby. Detroit birthed me and Inkster raised me and molded me into who I am and what I will continue to be…